Sliding Speed Gate ( Long Flap )


Optima sliding speed gates provide aesthetic and effective control of entry or exit at kinds of toll collection systems like train/metro stations, and access control for commercial centers, stadiums, schools, government and private sector buildings, etc.


  1. Main body and lateral lids are mm AlSl 304-grade stainless steel.
  2. Top cover tempered glass.
  3. Lateral covers are removable for easy maintenance.
  4. Motor start and stop control is maintained by OPTIMA control card.
  5. Low power consumption and silent running.
  6. Compatible with all Access Control Systems.
  7. Turnstile is equipped with an alarm system which senses forbidden and revers direction passing.
  8. Turnstiles closes flaps by itself after adjusted time if a valid card is presented but person not passed.
  9. All the obstacles in the passage are sensed with photoelectric sensors.
  10. Indoor use only.

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