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PTP 200 Series

The PTP 200 Series bridges are designed to securely transport data, voice and video in both near-line-of-sight (nLOS) and line-of-sight (LOS) environments. Operating in the 5.4 and 4.9 GHz band at Ethernet data rates up to 21 Mbps, the PTP 54200 and PTP 49200 offer enterprises and public safety entities a reliable alternative to reach around obstacles that partially block a path’s radio line-of-sight (Fresnel zone) but leave the visual line-of-sight clear. With PTP 200’s Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology, customers gain resistance to interference and fading delivering exceptional performance in the presence of multi-path interference caused by buildings and other obstructions. The extremely low cost of ownership makes a PTP 200 solution affordable for even the most restricted budgets.

GPS Synchronization
Powerful GPS Synchronization significantly reduce self-interference, allowing network operators to :

  • Collocate multiple radios on a tower or rooftop
  • Collocate a PTP 200 backhaul link with an existing Canopy® network
  • Deploy a 5.4 GHz frequency band overlay network

    Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
    Capabilities to detect radar and automatically switch to a non-interfering channel.

    End-to-End System Management
    PTP 200 systems integrate easily with web-based and SNMP-based management systems, as well as the Canopy® Prizm and CNUT (Canopy Network Update Tool) systems. The radios are exceptionally easy to install with built-in installation and deployment assistance features that make deployment quick and easy.
  • Specifications


    Channel width 10 MHz



    Radio frequencies 4.9, 5.4 GHz

    System gain (integrated antenna) Up to 141 dB (frequency dependent)

    Throughput 21 Mbps


    LOS range Integrated - 5 mi (8 km)

    nLOS range Integrated - < 5 mi (8 km)


    Security 56-bit DES, 128-bit AES FIPS 197 (Optional)

    PTP 200 Overview Sheet (680 KB pdf)
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