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PTP 100 Series

The PTP 100 Series of wireless Ethernet bridges offer enterprises and telecom operators a reliable and affordable entry point for providing wireless broadband connectivity to the locations that need it most. A simple license key upgrade system enables operators to add more throughput as their network requires it from as low as 2 Mbps in some regions of the world up to 14 Mbps. These radios are ideal for line-of-sight conditions. Not only are they highly reliable, weather resistant, compact and rugged in design, the PTP 100 radios produce consistent data rates in the face of interference. Ideal applications for these bridges are rural or remote locations, campus applications, temporary and emergency systems, video surveillance, telemedicine, e-learning and banking



Channel width 20 MHz


Radio frequencies 2.4, 5.2, 5.4, 5.8 GHz

System gain (integrated antenna) Up to 125 dB (frequency dependent)

Throughput 14 Mbps

LOS range 35 mi (56 km)

Security 56-bit DES, 128-bit AES FIPS 197 (Optional)

PTP 100 Specifications Sheet (139 KB pdf)  

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