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IAP 4300 - Intelligent Access Point

Flexible & Adaptable Gateways
Every MOTOMESH Duo unit is capable of being an intelligent access point (IAP) or mesh wireless router (MWR), reducing the cost of storing excess inventory and simplifying deployment. Additionally, IAPs immediately adapt to backhaul loss by becoming mesh wireless routers, routing traffic to an alternate gateway in the network. This automatic, self-healing ability minimizes service interruptions and ensures continuous connectivity.

Proven Mesh Routing
MOTOMESH Duo leverages MeshConnex™ routing technology, using real-time congestion management and link control to automatically select the best data route on a per-request basis. This dramatically reduces hop latency, to better deliver real-time voice and multimedia services. Today, MeshConnex powers large-scale Motorola mesh networks of more than 1,000 nodes.



Mobility Up to 70 mph (110 kmh)

Quality of service 802.11e, weighted fair queuing and IP precedence bits (ToS) supported via DSCP

Radio frequencies 2.4 GHz and 4.9, 5.4 or 5.8 GHz

Throughput 54 Mpbs (burst data rate))

Protocol routing Patented, Layer 2, hybrid proactive/reactive routing

Technology routing MeshConnex routing with Layer 1 situational-awareness

Authentication 802.1X (Infrastructure/Client) and MAC address hardware authentication

Client encryption WEP, WPA2 (AES, 802.11i), WPA (TKIP)

Intra-Mesh encryption SecureMesh / AES

MOTOMESH Duo: Next-Generation Mesh Solution (2Mb pdf)

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