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Cluster Management Module Micro

For service providers it is critical to offer reliable services to their customers. The Cluster Management Module Micro (CMMmicro) allows network operators to reduce the time and labor cost of system installation and maintenance in Canopy Access Point Clusters. This management module reduces cabling between system modules and provides reliable network synchronization. There is only one cable going from the CMMmicro to each module carrying the Ethernet connection, synchronization pulse and GPS data.

Designed to deliver consistent and reliable wireless broadband service, the Canopy system gracefully scales to support large deployments. The management module is the heart of the system's synchronization capability which allows network operators to re-use frequencies and add capacity while ensuring consistency in the quality of service to customers. As a result, subscribers can experience carrier-grade service - even those at the outer edge of the network.

Weighing only 8 pounds, the CMMmicro can be installed quickly by one person reducing the time and cost associated with installation labor. The CMMmicro can be placed on either a tower or in a convenient location which allows network operators more flexibility in placing network equipment.

Max length any one radio can be from Cluster Management Module: 328 cable feet (100 Meters)
Max length from Cluster Management Module to GPS antenna: 100 cable feet (30.5 Meters)
Dimensions: 17.00" H x 12.88 " W x 6.50" D (43.18 cm H x 32.72 cm W x 16.51 cm D)
Weight: 25.0 lbs. (11.3 kg)
Operating Temperature: -40°F - +131°F (-40°C - +55°C)
Overall: Meets CE IP44 according to EN60529:2000

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